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Stewarding Your Influence

Sep 19, 2023

Communication has always been a major challenge both in the business world and in the Body of Christ - and can be even more challenging for those of us who are members of the Body of Christ within the world of business.

Perhaps the most critical and challenging component of our communication comes as we work to communicate across generations. We know that it is essential to share wisdom and experience, but how we do that can look substantially different if you are 28 than it does if you are 82.

This episode gathers Pinnacle Forum Partners from various age ranges to discuss how we can bridge the gap in many areas such as expectations, understanding historical context and upbringings, technologies and various preferred methods of communicating. If you have multi generations in your business or organization, then this 3 part series will be helpful to you.

In Part 1, we're hearing from a predominantly millennial generation panel, along with some older gens peppered in. In Parts 2 and 3, we're predominantly hearing from the older generations as they are informed of the things our previous younger panel shared.

Show Notes: