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Stewarding Your Influence

Jan 17, 2023

If you're like Partner, Denny Hanrahan, (and most of us) then you know what it is like not to have a plan B with your career. Denny found this out, and you'll get to hear his story. However, he realized that plan B was not the goal. It would be developing "Plan BE" to make it a top priority to walk with God. Through journaling and life experience, Denny decided to write the book, Plan BE: Seven Be-Attitudes for walking with God in Complete Trust and Freedom. During this episode, you will also gain perspective on the value Denny receives from his Forum...the support he needed to write his book...and the "faith strengthening time" it provides him. "I can't wait for Wednesday mornings. It's so energizing!" Denny Hanrahan's bio.

Show Notes: