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Stewarding Your Influence

Feb 23, 2021

...A lot of insight to unpack in this episode. Partner and guest, Robert Chin, understands the connection of pursuing a dream in service to God. It only served to greatly enhance his medical practice's patient care and operations. Robert also takes us behind the scenes in 'all things' vaccines. Listen and be encouraged....

Feb 16, 2021

Sandy Wheeler's story is a great example of how God allows major trials to steer us back to Him and to what's truly important. Maybe our Partner's journey will lend perspective to that blessing in disguise in your own life. Sandy also shares an exciting vision God gave him, which you can explore on

Feb 9, 2021

What if you approached your day with more confidence because you knew you had "back up?" And what if you knew how to connect all the moving parts in your life together for your true purpose? Listen to this special episode and meet a group of young successful leaders who challenge one another to grow in significant...

Feb 2, 2021

Our Partner and guest, Nichole Henderson, is executing her calling in therapy to encourage Christians and to encourage others. Learn how her faith-based practice, Victorious Beginnings, is using divinely-inspired equine therapy to heal broken souls. Nichole Henderson's bio.

Caroline Mendez, Pinnacle Forum's Director of...