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Stewarding Your Influence

Mar 30, 2021

Partner Kendall Qualls narrowly lost a 2020 MN race for Congressman to a well-funded incumbent. However, he discovered a wellspring of citizen support and founded a new organization, Kendall shares the story behind his new mission to inspire minority groups to take charge of their own lives, their...

Mar 23, 2021

What if you had a way to encourage yourself to do good in your community? Well, there is! Our Partner and guest, Nicole Sdao shares her story and about her free app, Altruize. It tracks both an individual's and even an entire organization's journey of volunteer/service projects. It is a way to spur us on to good deeds.

Mar 16, 2021

Many times the gift of wisdom comes wrapped in a journey of wrong choices, trials and a lonely path of self-sufficiency. Our Partner and Guest, Andy Wyatt shows us that during these times, God is pursuing us, revealing Himself, and leading us to the promised land. Andy Wyatt's bio

Show Notes:

Mar 9, 2021

Partner and guest, Mike Frank, held top leadership roles for several household names such as Walt Disney and went on to build two TeleCom companies. God changed Mike's trajectory through the loss of his daughter and blessed him to steward his time and financial blessing in 25 non-profit ministries and churches to bring...

Mar 2, 2021

Guest and Partner, Dr. Jannah Scott, pulls back the curtain so we can peek into the halls of Washington, DC. Her prayer ministry goal is to reach all 535 congressmen and senators. Jannah also shares about the power of bringing her God-assignment into a Pinnacle Forum, where she received the clarity needed from her peers...